A series of exercises to lose weight for women and men at home

A series of exercises for weight loss

Currently, there are many different factors that affect the human body, both externally and internally. Office workers often suffer from overweight who do not eat well at home.

Attractive appearance is very important for both men and women, you do not need to go to the gym to tone your body, you can do complex exercises at home. The main condition is systematic training.

To avoid unnecessary damage to health, a number of exercises are selected for each person. Men and women should choose the right load, taking into account the indicators of heart rate. Heart rate is calculated using the formula: a person's age drops to 220.

It is very important to monitor these indicators to monitor the body's response to a particular life. A useful training program available for every man, man and woman to practice at home, they can choose any option for themselves.

Training complex for women to lose weight at home every day

A series of exercises for the whole body requires a minimum of personal time, but is very effective in the process of losing weight. Working on completely problematic parts of the body, such as the abdomen, sides and legs, a standard set of exercises can be done in 30 minutes.

For men and women who are just starting to lose weight, a light version of physical training has been developed at home, and no serious extra muscle weight is used during this time. Light dumbbells are allowed in one complex.

Any complex activity at home should start with warm-up, for which you need to do some training. For example, rotate your head, arms, and lower body about 10 times. Complete the jump in 3 minutes.

The complex for beginners includes:

  • semi-squats(when doing these, bend your knees about 120 degrees, ie the hips are not brought parallel to the ground like a normal squat);
  • Lungs on each foot(thigh is equal to the floor and the knee of the other foot should touch the ground slightly. Then you should change your legs in the same way);
  • deep squat in a wide position(legs apart and stockings slightly turned, squat while breathing and exhalation. Knees should not protrude beyond the abstract vertical line of the fingers);
  • Pushes on the knees(Lie on your stomach and spread your arms wider than your shoulders, knees stand on the ground. Raise and lower your body smoothly, bend your arms. Breathe - go down, breathe - stand up);
  • half-bend for the press(you need to lie on your back, put your feet in a comfortable position and put your hands behind your head, raise your torso about 30 degrees. At the highest point, you should alternately make a slight curve of the body. in each direction);
  • lift the pelvis in an elongated position(lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet on the ground. We put our hands along our bodies, stretch your palms down and lean on them, put the shoulder blades and legs on the ground - lift and lower the pelvis).

Each exercise should be repeated 25 times, gradually increasing the load. After training, you should stretch the muscles, sit on the floor and spread your legs, then bend your body on each leg.

With dumbbells

dumbbell exercises for weight loss

A number of exercises with dumbbells at home are very effective, because they help not only in the fight against excess weight, but also in the formation of body structure. Exercises with a dumbbell can be performed by both men and women; An individual training complex can be chosen for each for weight loss or muscle lifting.

The speed of reaching the goal also depends on the food that needs to be properly balanced. Dumbbells are the most compact sports equipment, and with their help you can train all muscle groups at home. Dumbbell exercises can be performed by men and women of all ages, even beginners to exercise.

Training at home with dumbbells should start with warming up to warm up your muscles and joints. All dumbbell exercises must be performed technically correctly.

The standard set includes the following exercises:

  • work the wedge(bend the elbows, lift the dumbbells on the shoulders and back. The elbows are pressed against the body. Each hand is performed in turn);
  • work the triceps(sit in a chair. The arm with the dumbbell extends over the head, the back is straight. Bend the arm at the elbow and lower the dumbbell to the back of the head, then lift it back. only bend and bend the elbow);
  • exercise the chest muscles(lie on your back and stretch your arms in front of you with dumbbells. We begin to spread our arms in different directions by bending the elbows slightly. Lower them as much as possible and lift them. Starting position).

Exercises to thin the sides and abdomen

Every woman dreams of slim and beautiful legs, a flat stomach, beautiful and slender arms and an elegant body. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to achieve the desired result at home without constant physical work on your figure. There is a special exercise plan where you can make your dream come true and feel comfortable in your body.

It is important to train systematically at home and gradually increase the number of representatives. The problem areas for all women are the stomach and sides. At home, you can bend the ring for 15 minutes every day to get rid of the sides and abdomen. In addition, you can do daily exercises for the press.

exercises to weaken the sides and abdomen

Execution process:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your hands behind your head;
  • Breathe in and out so that your chest touches your knees;
  • Breathe in and out.

Professional athletes recommend the following exercises to thin the abdomen and sides in women:

  • Bending - We straighten our backs and legs, hold our palms behind our heads, and separate our elbows. Breathe in, lift your upper body to your knees. We stretch for 3 seconds and return to the starting position while breathing.
  • Leg raises - Lower back on gymnastic mattress, legs raised (upright), arms along the body. Smooth the legs straight down without bringing the heels a few inches to the ground. we adjust the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. We fix the pipe firmly and do not tear it from the floor.
  • Hitting from behind - Keep your palms firmly on the ground. Slowly lift our legs to the stomach, straighten the heels. Then quickly straighten our legs to be next to each other on the ground.
  • Scissors - Lie on the floor, put your hands on the floor, lift your straight legs slightly off the ground. We do cross movements with the legs, reminiscent of the movement of scissors. Do not put our feet on the ground.

Manual Program

The most problematic areas are the abdomen and sides, but women often have problems with the shoulders and arms when losing weight. Voluminous shoulders adorn men more than women, so you need to solve this problem competently without trying to hide flaws under clothes. There is a very simple complex that you can make a smooth transition to a serious workout.

These exercises are aimed at stretching the muscles to thin the arms and activate the process of tightening the skin. An effective complex requires constant voltage and uniform execution. This includes hand swings that observe frequency and quantity.

Exercises for weight loss of hands are effective:

  • Standard "scissors" (we extend our arms straight in front of us, turn our palms on the floor and put our arms parallel to it),
  • Water from the school curriculum with our hands (standing upright, straightening our backs and swinging with our hands) will be in line with the program of complete weight loss from the curriculum.
  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, elbows bent, forearms face level. Raise and lower your arms, close your forearms.
  • Legs shoulder-width apart, body slightly bent forward, knees bent gently. Align the tense arms parallel to the hips. At the same time, we bend our arms back as far as possible. Move the front arms parallel to the hips.

Such tasks can be performed simultaneously with homework, which saves time and allows you to organize the performance in a systematic way.

Foot program

leg slimming sport

Daily exercises for slender legs are very important for every girl who wants to have beautiful legs, because it attracts the most masculine look. It is always very difficult to get slim legs, there is an effective weight loss complex, with the help of which you can eliminate excess. Pre-workout warm-ups can include standard squats to warm up your muscles by pumping your blood.

Execution Process at Home:

  • in a sitting position, put the weight on your knees, hold the chair with your hands, slowly raise your knees towards you 30 times;
  • Stand next to a chair and put your feet on the back and put your hands on the belt, squat 20 times, alternating legs;
  • Stand next to any object you can lean on, take turns pulling your legs back, lift up and turn to the side, do 30 times on each leg;
  • While standing, straighten your back and bring your feet together, slowly lowering each time and lifting your toes 50 times;
  • Straighten and close your legs, lift them up in a bent position 20 times in a row, spread your arms to the sides as you rise, and hold this position for 15 seconds.

Effective Exercises for Women:

  • Squatsis ​​the most effective exercise for thin legs. It is done in two ways: legs shoulder-width apart and legs in a wide position for the development of additional gluteal muscles. Execution process: back straight, hands on belt. Squat - back straight, arms in front. We lie down and get up for 3 seconds. Breathing squats, exhalation rises (30 x 3 sets).
  • Lungs- Legs shoulder-width apart, arms across body. Raise the bent leg at the knee and pull forward and lower, make a quick. Knee - upright on the ground without passing over the finger. Lift your foot and return it to its original position (between 20 and 3).
  • Plie- Feet shoulder width apart, toes to the sides, knees apart. Perform squats slowly, hold for 3 seconds and return to starting position (15 - 4).

The lower body will lose weight longer, so when exercising at home, you should follow a diet to increase the effects of exercise.

Home Weight Loss Program for Men

In men, the problem of excess weight often occurs after 30 years, because many choose the office option. A series of exercises designed for men at home to tone the body and restore attractiveness.

training for men for weight loss

Basic weight loss training includes:

  • jump complex(at least 50 times, you can jump more than 100 times without it);
  • Run in one place and lift your knees up(this exercise is a very effective method against excess weight and at the same time tones the whole body), the running time should be at least 15 minutes to start the process of burning subcutaneous fat.
  • squatis ​​considered the most effective for weight loss, especially for men, so 50 sets in 5 sets will be a good tool to gain extra inches.
  • push-upscan be done with a wide and narrow posture, but remember to hit 25 slowly in 3-4 sets.
  • woodslimming will be a good result for your workout - stretch, stretch your legs, bend your arms at a 90-degree angle at the elbows. The body should repeat a straight line, elbows should be below the shoulders, pelvis bent, waist straight.

The basic rule is to warm up for 10 minutes before any workout. In addition, you should not eat an hour before and after class. Make sure you add water to your diet to replenish your water balance after exercise.

Physical activity at home is more difficult from a psychological point of view, along with the lack of time and lack of sports equipment, the factor of laziness is added. You need to find a strong motivation to train intensively at home. A beautiful body is everyone's dream, to achieve this you do not need to go to the gym, spend money on subscriptions, you can regularly perform a series of effective physical exercises at home and achieve the desired harmony.

Many fitness experts believe that the best time to exercise is in the morning. It is important to exercise before meals. You can't just work on one problem area to get results, you have to train your whole body while maintaining balance. The main goal can be achieved by systematic exercises, performing each task in several approaches and developing all the muscle groups listed in the article.

There is no way to lose weight in a day after several months of continuous physical activity in the body, the result will be visible. Weight loss will be followed by physical activity and dietary changes. Strict diets help, but are very harmful to health. It is best to include in the diet a healthy and fresh food that will replenish all the vitamins and essential substances in the body without disturbing the internal processes.

Abdominal Sports Complex

Many men and women are overweight only in the abdomen. This is most common in men. You can do strength training by running to lose weight on your stomach.

Running is an excellent solution in the process of losing weight, because it activates the metabolism and improves the overall tone of the whole body. However, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the body and consult a doctor before running to see if it is healthy.

abdominal weight loss exercise

A series of exercises for men to lose weight:

  • fast walk (5 minutes);
  • run (10 minutes);
  • curl - lie on the floor and lift your body up until you feel a burning sensation in the abdomen (25 times in 3 sets);
  • "scissors" - while lying on the floor, lift your legs slightly above the ground and repeat the scissor-like movements (30 - 3);
  • work at maximum speed (10 minutes);
  • wood (2 minutes).

There are also the following exercises:

  • stretch all the muscles of the body;
  • Leaning our hands to our sides, we turn the body left and right;
  • Legs forward and feet shoulder-width apart, forward, backward and sideways.
There are other instructions, such as


  • choice of terrain for running (rubber road or soil is best);
  • purchase of sportswear and running shoes;
  • Breathe through your nose and breathe through your mouth;
  • Do not move the upper part of the body;
  • Gradually increase the load and run for at least 30 minutes.

You can add an extra period of brisk walking and running to optimize the result. Add acceleration as well. Repeat every 100 meters. Strength training focuses on building muscle structures. To remove the abdomen, you can roll the abdomen and back.